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Classic Motoring Enamel Signs

Classic Motoring Enamelled Signs

Hand Made in Vitreous Enamel on a Thick Steel Backing PlateAn automotive enamel sign for a Lotus - customer picture


We stumbled across these reproduction signs and thermometers at an upmarket autojumble and were so taken with their depth of colour and weight that we decided to show them to our website visitors.


Drivers of a certain age will recall thermometers like that on the right often fixed to the outside wall of their small local garage.  How good would a smart new 750mm high thermometer look fixed to an inside or outside wall of your garage? The circular and rectangular signs with the logo from your favourite classic marques or brands can add a nice retro feel to your garage.


Thermometer dimensions are either 430mm or 750mm high.  Circular signs are typically 500mm in diameter and rectangular signs come in a variety of sizes.

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  1. Thermometer Esso
    Thermometer Esso

    750mm x 220mm enamel thermometer

  2. Thermometer Castrol
    Thermometer Castrol

    750mm x 220mm enamel thermometer

  3. Thermometer BP
    Thermometer BP

    750mm x 220mm enamel thermometer

  4. Thermometer BMC
    Thermometer BMC

    750mm x 220mm enamel thermometer

  5. Thermometer Austin
    Thermometer Austin

    430mm x 120mm enamel thermometer

  6. Thermometer Alfa Romeo
    Thermometer Alfa Romeo

    750mm x 22mm enamel thermometer

  7. Enamel Sign Triumph TR
    Enamel Sign Triumph TR

    400mm x 500mm enamel sign

  8. Enamel Sign Rover
    Enamel Sign Rover

    400mm x 500mm enamel sign

  9. Enamel Sign MG Octagon
    Enamel Sign MG Octagon

    400mm x 400mm enamel sign

  10. Enamel Sign Austin Healey
    Enamel Sign Austin Healey

    700mm x 150mm enamel sign

  11. Enamel Sign Lotus
    Enamel Sign Lotus

    We're sorry. This item is currently out of stock.

    500mm diameter enamel sign

  12. Enamel Sign Jaguar
    Enamel Sign Jaguar

    500mm x 500mm diameter enamel sign

  13. Enamel Sign VW Werkstatt
    Enamel Sign VW Werkstatt

    400mm x 600mm enamel sign

  14. Enamel Sign Volvo Service
    Enamel Sign Volvo Service

    400mm x 600mm enamel sign

  15. Morris Sales and Service
    Morris Sales and Service

    500mm diameter enamel sign

  16. Shell Gasoline
    Shell Gasoline

    500mm diameter enamel sign

  17. BMC

    400mm x 400mm enamel sign

  18. Alfa Romeo Milano
    Alfa Romeo Milano

    500mm diameter enamel sign.

  19. Bugatti

    800mm x 400mm enamel sign

  20. Jaguar

    500mm x 250mm enamel sign

  21. Ferguson Service
    Ferguson Service

    500mm x 400mm enamel sign

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