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Very good service and delivered before the due date. Very well built and practical.

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The customer service I received from Ricky Balshaw was excellent and he quickly identified the cheapest method of shipping to me.
Yet to lay the floor tiles as building work is not quite complete but the tiles look excellent and are just what I expected.

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5 stars

Second purchase for me, It could not have been better. Very pleased.

Steel Storage Cabinets

Top Brand Storage Cupboards for Garage, Office or Industry

Fully manufactured in steel, delivered ready to use - no assembly required


All our steel storage cabinets are fully manufactured and delivered ready for use in your garage, office or business.  The majority of our metal cabinets are derived from industrial products and as a result are strong and durable to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  They have high quality anti-bacterial powder coatings, rigid metal reinforced doors, and adjustable height shelves.  Welded and reinforced construction ensures a solid, safe and secure cupboard capable of carrying high loads.

Manufactured by Bott, a world leading UK manufacturer of storage solutions, this is an excellent range of attractive and very strong storage cabinets, some complete with integral drawers.
Bott Verso storage cabinet
  • Up to 2000mm high, various widths and depths
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Light grey body - 5 door colour options avalable
  • Strong and sturdy - steel, welded construction
  • Adjustable galvanised steel shelves, 50kg capacity
  • Lock integral with rotary handle
    Bott cupboard prices
NewAge Cabinets   A varied range of steel storage cabinets with great features.  The Pro 3.0 Series is immensely strong with huge capacity.
 NewAge stationery cupboard    
  • Up to 2100mm high, 915mm wide, 610mm deep
  • Soft close doors. 
  • A range of cabinets with some great features
  • Very high load capacity of 450kg!! (Pro Series)
  • Adjustable feet for levelling.
  • Magnetic door latching and central lock.
    NewAge cabinets options and prices 
     GaragePride branded industrial storage cabinets, manufactured in the UK, that will enhance and complement any environment. Unlike cheaper alternatives you will be delighted by the quality of the finish and fittings.
 Various storage cabinets in steel


  • Up to 1830mm high, 1220mm wide, 460mm deep
  • 9 door colours available - mix and match door/body colour
  • Strong and sturdy - steel, welded construction
  • Adjustable powder coated shelves, 75kg capacity
  • 3 way chrome lever locking handle
  • Sliding door cabinets available
  • Custom dimensions available
    GaragePride cabinets prices 
BUDGET STEEL CABINETS   UK cabinets manufactured to a lower cost whilst retaining good quality and solid welded/riveted construction. Available with 7 door colour options.
Budget steel cupboards  
  • Up to 1800mm high, 1220mm wide, 460mm deep
  • Mid grey body - 7 door colours available
  • Strong and sturdy - steel, welded/riveted construction
  • Adjustable galvanised steel shelves, 50kg capacity
  • 3 way chrome lever locking handle
    Budget steel cabinets options and prices

    Budget storage cabinet colours


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GaragePride's steel cabinets are perfect for storing a multitude of items safely and securely out of site behind attractively coloured doors. They lend themselves to a huge range of storage needs including office equipment and consumables, industrial instrumentation, office files and of course everything to be found in a typical residential garage that needs tidying away.

Our steel storage cabinets provide a huge range of secure and spacious storage options for residential garage storage, utility rooms, offices and industry. Over 180 colour and size combinations are available ensuring that there is a cabinet available to meet every customer need and taste. The industrial powder coating is robust and scratch-resistant whilst resisting bacterial growth to help ensure a clean and healthy environment.

Shelves are can be adjusted to provide various storage heights and can each carry a 70-75Kg load with a large margin of safety. Additional shelves can be order either at the time of ordering or later on if required.

The tough reinforced doors features a high quality recessed or three way chrome handle with an integral lock to ensure security where necessary.

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