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Our Company

GaragePride Ltd was established in 2007 and is now a leading provider of garage cabinets, floor tiles and wall storage solutions despatched nationally within the UK. Despite our focus on the residential sector, a growing proportion of our supplies go to commercial garages and industry as a result of the quality and durability of the products that we choose to offer. To date we have supplied cabinets, wall storage or floor tiles for around 10,000 domestic garages in the UK.

Whilst our business is very much focused on telephone and e-commerce sales, with a great choice of products and a secure and reliable buy online facility, we also provide added-value services such as garage interior design and on-site installation covering much of the country.

We have a small, enthusiastic team in the office whose number one objective is to provide a friendly and engaging service helping prospective customers to select the products that best meet their needs. Please take a look at our customer reviews to see how successful we are at doing this.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ken Evans - Managing Director

Ken Evans

Managing Director

GaragePride was formed in 2007 by Ken Evans following his 35 years of experience in engineering, marketing and customer services.

He started out in a mechanical engineering role with a Rolls-Royce division before moving into the sales and marketing of electronic products. He became MD of a leading vehicle telematics company, latterly owned by Daimler Chrysler, throughout the nineties and onwards.

As a result of working in demanding and competitive environments he, and his enthusiastic team, is totally committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction.
Richard Evans - Interior Design and Marketing Support

Richard Evans

Interior Design and Marketing Support

Richard uses a CAD system to create and render fantastic garage interior designs for prospective customers. He costs them out equipping Sales with everything needed to put together an exciting proposal.

He also manages the our website's content, products, prices and user experience liaising with the development company if more technical developments are required.

He monitors search engine performance and manages pay per click advertising and social media activity.
Ricky Balshaw - Sales and Customer Service

Ricky Balshaw

Sales and Customer Service

Ricky is in the front line on the telephones and assists customers with their product selection and, in conjunction with Richard, their garage or workshop designs and proposals.

He is a fountain of product knowledge and is skilled at making sure that prospective customers get exactly the products they need to fulfil their requirements.

Ricky is a Paralympian and won a silver at the Beijing Paralympics equestrian event, and more recently in world and European events. He featured alongside Clare Balding providing punditry during Channel 4's coverage of the Tokyo 2020 paralympics.
Kelie Montgomery Otway - Customer Service and Projects

Kelie Montgomery Otway

Customer Service and Projects

Kelie joined us in 2020 to further enhance our customer services and to help manage installation projects.

She previously worked for one of the UK's largest industrial racking manufacturers and has experience of implementing wide aisle pallet racking and drive in racking with overall responsibility for the successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of all projects. This experience will serve her well at GaragePride.

She is a very busy Mum working at GaragePride from 09.30 until 15.00 each day.
Jan Evans - Purchase Ledger and Accounts

Jan Evans

Purchase Ledger and Accounts

Jan carries out the important task of entering manufacturer and other supplier invoices into the accounts software, and ensures that all are paid in a timely manner.

She keeps us on our toes making sure that the accounting and sales order processing systems are used correctly, and data entered accurately.

We're here to help

We are always happy to provide assistance with the selection of products on our website, and to discuss the differences between the various product options. Please give us a call.