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Garage Flooring - PVC Interlocking Tiles. Transform Your Garage or Workshop

Domestic and Workshop Interlocking PVC Garage Floor Tiles

EVOtile loose laid virgin PVC garage floor tiles offer the best appearance, durability and colour stability. Once it's down, it's down. A lifetime garage flooring solution.

Our interlocking garage floor tiles have been made in Britain for 23 years. They quickly and easily cover flaking paint and poorly finished or dusty concrete. EVOtile virgin PVC tiles provide an attractive, insulated, tough and long-lasting flooring solution. They are a solid tile weighing 9kg per square metre and are 100% recyclable with a life span of 20 years or more.

Made In Britain PVC Tile FlooringGaragePride's top-quality PVC garage floor tiles are attractive, durable and low maintenance. They are satisfyingly quick and easy to lay, and tough enough to be used with engine hoists, car jacks or gym equipment. We are the UK's leading provider of specialist garage storage and flooring products - your one-stop-shop.

PVC Floor Tile Ranges:Floor tile reviews

EVOtile Professional – for business applications and for a premium result in residential garages. 15- year manufacturer's guarantee.

EVOtile Performance – for residential garages and home workshop applications. 10-year manufacturer's guarantee.


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    EVOtile Professional Garage Floor Tile 7mm - Smooth Texture
    EVOtile Professional Garage Floor Tile 7mm - Smooth Texture

    500mm x 500mm with various colour options. The 7mm thick product is our recommended and very successful tile for garage and workshop flooring applications. 15 years guarantee!

    As low as £9.50
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    EVOtile Professional Garage Floor Tile 7mm - Raised Disk Texture
    EVOtile Professional Garage Floor Tile 7mm - Raised Disk Texture

    Best Seller!
    500mm x 500mm in greys and black. The 7mm thick product is our recommended and very successful tile for garage and workshop flooring applications. 15 years guarantee!

    As low as £9.50
  3. EVOtile Professional Garage Floor Tile Ramps 7mm
    EVOtile Professional Garage Floor Tile Ramps 7mm

    Add these to the garage or workshop entrance to provide a tidy ramp up to the 7mm thick tile.

    As low as £5.10
  4. EVOtile Professional Garage Floor Corner Section 7mm
    EVOtile Professional Garage Floor Corner Section 7mm

    These ramps provide a tidy corner should a pad of tiles be laid on an open floor area.

    As low as £7.50
  5. A black plastic strip with four pieces, used as corner ramps for tiles on an open floor area, forming a square or rectangle.
    EVOtile Performance Corner Section 7mm

    These ramps provide a tidy corner should a pad of tiles be laid on an open floor area.

    As low as £7.50
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Garage Flooring Tiles

  • UK made from best quality virgin PVC with a 10-15 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Free of odour and surface imperfections, unlike cheap recycled products
  • 100% recyclable with a projected life span of 20 years+
  • Creates an attractive, dust-free, insulated and more comfortable garage environment
  • Virgin PVC provides the best appearance, durability and stability.
  • Easy to clean, just sweep and mop
  • Larger size for fast coverage. The Professional range is a true 50cmx50cm tile - exactly 4 tiles per square metre
  • Unaffected by automotive fluid spills
  • Tight-fitting interlocking joints
  • Loose laid - take it with you if you move
  • Easily cut, preferaby with an electric jig saw.

You do not need any floor laying experience, the tiles are banged together using a rubber mallet. Cut the tiles up to walls or fixed points leaving a 5mm gap for expansion. Please note, dark colours such as graphite or black are best used where tyres will sit to avoid chemical staining.

We are rated excellent by TrustShops.co.uk. When ordering, we factor in wastage, quoting you, the right price. Telephone for your order today. Installation services are available.

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What makes ours different?

We keep true to the advertised thickness of our EVOtile tiles. So, our 7mm PVC tiles are in fact 7mm thick! Some of our competitors talk about thickness as if they have a clear advantage when in fact, they’re using a deep grid structure beneath their tiles. This is designed predominately to save material and for bracing cheap recycled PVC because of its characteristics after being injection moulded. Cheap or fully recycled plastics have physical and chemical properties that will tend to want to curl the tile over time. Buy cheap, buy twice!  

This is why we offer a 10-15 years guarantee and advertise a life expectancy of 25+ years on our Professional range of tiles. 

EVOtile Garage Tile

The Rear Face of Our Virgin PVC Tiles

Example of competitors floor tiles

The Rear Face of Cheap Tiles

Our tiles have a fine grid pattern, why?

EVOtile Professional flooring tiles are made from quality virgin plastic that doesn’t require bracing. The fine pattern is designed to ensure a smooth flow of plastic during moulding, and it create pockets of air that prevent the tile from clicking when walked on. The grid also creates extra friction that resists movement if a rectangular pad of tiles has been laid. The diagonal channels allow the floor to breathe, which is important for damp floors or concrete floors that have not cured yet.

Don't try jacking up a car on cheap garage floor tiles that are not full thickness PVC!

When you buy our UK-made tiles you can be sure of good quality PVC. One high profile retailer claims theirs to be UK-made, yet they are manufactured in Taiwan. Out of stock tiles is usually a giveaway.

UK manufacturers have high standards of health, safety, the environment and quality. Independent tests have shown some of the cheap tiles being sold in the UK, but manufactured overseas using arbitrary recycled plastics, have traces of arsenic, lead and cadmium. If in doubt, ask for samples! Give them the sniff test, look at the surface finish, the rear face and the joint tightness. They are usually cheap for a reason.

A Little Technical Information:-
Fire Performance - tiles do not support combustion and achieve Class 1 spread of flame when tested to BS 476: Part 7
Colour Fastness/Resistance to natural light: EN 20105-B021 - 5 (no damage)
Resistance to Hot Objects/Solder - Good
Tiles must be protected from direct sunlight, as this can cause them to become misformed, leaving the floor with raised tiles
Anticipated Service Life - 25 years +
Weight 9kg/m²

EvoTile Floors v Epoxy Resin Flooring

There is no arguing that an epoxy resin floor, when done professionally, can look truly amazing. The deep shine gives the floor a fantastic finish and can make it really stand out, especially when mixed with a striking colour. Resin is tough. Added over a flat concreate surface it combines with the concrete to become a tougher substance than concrete by itself. For residential flooring it will range in thickness from 2 – 4mm. The resin protects the floor from damage to the concrete underneath from high impact or chemical spillage. It is easy to clean and can be given anti-slip properties when graded aggregates are added to the base layer.

However, you need to prepare the substrate. This can often require stripping off an existing coating, which usually involves grinding. Needless to say the dust and mess this causes is considerable, to say nothing of the time and money. If you are applying resin to a plain concrete floor you’ll have to make sure that it hasn’t absorbed any chemicals over the years and that it doesn’t contain any damp.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is optional. If any of these things are hidden deep in the concrete floor they will gradually rise to the surface and crack your beautiful resin floor within six months, unless you deal with them properly. The professional way to do this is with HCA treatment. This is expensive and time consuming -  and you haven’t even got started on the resin yet!

EvoTile can be laid directly over almost any surface so there is no need for expensive and time consuming preparation processes. 

If you are applying resin to a brand new concrete floor you will have to wait for it to cure. The problem is that concrete cures at an agonisingly slow pace. A 4cm thick layer of concrete requires 2 weeks to dry, and even after that you need to be careful with axle stands and the like for a while.

Chequer garage floor tiles in TVR garage

EvoTile has joints that let the moisture evaporate through them so you can safely put them straight down on a floor as soon as the surface is dry. The concrete will continue curing while you get on with setting up your facility. And as soon as they are down your new concrete floor is protected from the impact and weight.

Putting down a resin floor requires expertise and time. Both of which cost you money and slow down your set-up times.

Larger concrete areas are fitted in slabs and use expansion joints between them to allow them to move. Eventually this movement effects even the best laid resin floors and cracks will start to appear. Once this happens it is never the same again.

EvoTile is cheaper to maintain and repair, if it is even necessary in the first place. If you damage a tile you just pull it up and can have another one laid in less than 5 minutes.

EvoTile can be easily picked up and moved to a new garage at any time thanks to their unique interlocking flooring system and being loose laid.

Your garage floor is insulated with 7mm thick PVC helping retain residual heat and lifting the general ambience of the garage.

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5.00 Excellent

A smooth experience from start to finish. I ordered 121 virgin pvc 7mm tiles and 9 matching edge slope tiles, all in graphite. I was kept informed about the order, its dispatch and its delivery. They arrived on a pallet, well wrapped and protected. That was yesterday. Half the tiles have been laid. They are very easy to lay and are great quality. I'm very pleased and can thoroughly recommend them.

5.00 Excellent Andrew T., Chigwell

Exceptional service at every stage, from initial assistance in comparing and choosing the right floor tile, to help with measuring the space correctly and tips for laying down the floor. 144 7mm smooth-textured PVC tiles in graphite were delivered next day on a pallet (one missing item was rectified immediately and arrived a day later). My floor is now down and looks amazing - a fantastic product

5.00 Excellent

A very efficient and professional service from placing our order through to delivery. A very well made product. Would highly recommend and, as this is the second time we have used your Company, we would not hesitate in using you again.