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Modular Cabinets for Garage or Workshop


Organise your garage or workshop with the UK's best selling cabinet products. DIY fitting, or we can provide a national installation service.


Below, we have brought together three of the UK's best selling brands of garage cabinets that are suitable for residential garages, and commercial workshops too.

They are all manufactured in steel with heavy duty industrial powder coatings providing high quality, great looking finishes and protection from scratches and moisture. All our cabinets are fully manufactured and delivered on pallets ready for use. Some may simply need feet and handles to be attached prior to use.

Click on the images below to read more about the features of the respective products.

Modular cabinets link to INstagram

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GaragePride evoline® Cabinets

Our stylish heavy duty cabinets. Designed for residential garages with a 10 years warranty. UK manufactured.

Bott Cubio Cabinets

A premium quality, highly modular range of cabinets. UK Manufactured

Sealey Garage and Workshop System

Two ranges of modular steel cabinets - free-standing