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Garage Workbenches from GaragePride - A Better Class of Workbench.

Everybody should have a workbench in the garage! DIY, tinkering, repairing and maintenance becomes so much easier. How many times have you wished you had a vice to hand fixed to a solid surface? Or maybe you've found yourself sawing a piece of wood on an outside step? A solid workbench makes a huge difference to so many tasks.

GaragePride offers only the best, carefully selected garage workbenches. Many suppliers of workbenches offer cheap products that are derivatives of shelving units and they are not really up to the job, and only suitable for very light duty work. We offer only true stong and solid workbenches capable of being fitted with vices and bench drills.

Below is a small selection of those available to us. Should you have any specific requirements then please speak to us on 01743-742028.

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