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Wall Storage Solutions for Garages - EVOPanel™ and MOTOSTOR™

EVOPanel™ heavy duty slatwall storage with top quality hooks and baskets, and new to the UK - MOTOSTOR™ taking the strain out of higher level wall storage

Below, we have brought together two ranges of garage wall storage solutions that are designed specifically for use in residential garages.

EVOPanel provides three sizes of kits for your garage allowing you to store many garden and garage items off the floor tidily, safely and readily accessible for use. Locking hook and basket accessories ensure that they are secured to the heavy duty panels and cannot fall off or slide. The panel colour is light/mid grey, approximately RAL 7004.


MOTOSTOR™ is unique to GaragePride in the UK and makes maximum use of higher walls for safer storage. Aimed specifically at residential garages, but with safety benefits in businesses too, MOTOSTOR™ provides storage at higher wall levels without the need for ladders, stretching and overhead lifting..

Conventional garage shelves require arms-length lifting, or the use of a step ladder, to reach the top tier risking strain and injury. Conventional shelves take up garage floor space and can topple if not securely fixed to the wall. MOTOSTOR™ lifts garage items smoothly and safely up to the ceiling making full use of the garage wall. It makes room for a car beneath and clears floor space for a cleaner, tidier appearance.

Click on the images below to read more about the features of the respective products. Please call us on 01743-742028 should assistance be required.

EVOPanel™ Garage Slatwall Storage

Heavy duty, decorative and durable slatwall panels with a range of hooks and baskets.

Hi-Lift Shelving MOTOSTOR™

Make maximum, safe use of higher walls for storage - safely. A high quality motor raises up to 75kg to the ceiling.