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EVOPanel™ Garage Slatwall Storage

Garage Wall Storage System - Heavy Duty EVOPanel™

Decorative and durable garage slatwall storage panels with a range of hanging hooks and baskets. Fit in specific wall areas - or fully clad to create a dream garage.


Garage Wall Storage PanellingIntroducing our innovative garage wall storage system, designed to revolutionise your garage organisation. 

With a range of cleverly sized kits, this system allows you to neatly store numerous garage items, effectively decluttering your space and keeping everything readily accessible for daily use.

 Safety is our priority, and that's why our twist lock hook and basket accessories firmly secure to the panels, ensuring they remain in place without any risk of falling or sliding. Say goodbye to garage chaos and welcome the efficiency of our premium garage wall storage system.


Organise your garage leaving the floor clear - tidy, safe, accessible
Heavy duty to support lawnmowers, gym weights, bicycles etc. as well as small items
Position panels strategically, or cover the whole wall for a clean and elegant appearance
Waterproof, mould resistant panels with good insulating properties
A twist lock on hooks and baskets grip panels firmly - no sliding and falling off
Install strips make installation quick, easy and secure.

The panel colour is light/mid grey, approximately RAL 7004.

These are heavy duty panels designed for long term use in garages. They are not adapted from similar but light duty products used widely in retail. Built to last.

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