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Excellent product very well constructed

5 stars

I was able to plan a day for the delivery. I had around 2 hours warning from the truck driver. Goods are heavy (indication of quality) , extremely well packaged, loads of polystyrene and cardboard. I am absolutely delighted with the quality and the units were quick to erect, instruction book is good, simple to understand.I highly recommend these, they are not cheap but you get what you pay for

5 stars

Excellent service. Delivery was quick/ the quality was excellent and the service was excellent.. I cannot think of any way to improve on this service. Would recommend this highly.

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Great quality and excellent service.

Garage Wall Storage Panels from Storewall - Heavy Duty

Attractive and durable wall panels with a range of hooks and baskets


Our garage wall storage system provides three convenient sizes of kits for your garage or utility room allowing you to store many garden and garage items off the floor tidily, safely and readily accessible for use.

Camlok hook and basket accessories ensure that they are secured to panels and cannot fall off or slide.

StoreWall Installation is easy with basic DIY skills.

1.    Attach the Install Strips
2.    Hang wall panels onto the Install Strips
3.    Attach accessories and store your items


Each heavy duty plastic wall panel measures 2440mm x 386mm x 16mm deep and can be easily fitted to any studded garage wall surface or masonry using the Install Strips. The panels are moulded from a thermoplastic material that is waterproof and resistant to mould and mildew. As such the colour is not just surface deep and so they stay looking attractive year after year. Wall panels are available in grey or pine effect.

Using the Install Strips, StoreWall distributes the panel load to many points across the wall eliminating individual points of high stress when the panels are loaded.


Whilst not necessarily required, the Install Strips simplify the installation procedure, they provide superior security and versatility and enhance the appearance of the end result with no unsightly screw heads visible. The strips can be fixed to any surface that you will find in a conventional garage.


If required, the panels can be cut to length using standard wood working tools. Colour-matched trim strips are available to finish off panel ends, and to hide the gap between adjoining panels, ensuring a truly attractive finish to your garage wall storage.


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