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Garage Storage Cupboards - Furniture

Garage Storage Cupboards

Garage storage cupboards are fully manufactured and assembled ready for immediate use. No flat pack assembly is required and these DIY garage storage cupboards are suitable for garages, offices and workshops.

Garage Pride’s metal garage storage cupboards are high security, rigid and reinforced able to provide safe lockable storage in your environment. An ideal upgrade from any existing plastic garage storage cupboards, you may be looking to bring up to modern standards.

Garage storage cupboards are available in our three ranges: Bott Cubio, Sealey garage storage and Garage Pride’s own range of EVOline garage storage cupboards. There is something for everyone in terms of budget, appearance, size and colour. All cabinets have vigorous powder coating resistant to common scratches and mould bacteria. 

All Garage Pride’s steel cabinets have adjustable shelving that can carry 70-75kg of load safely. These DIY garage storage cupboards can hold workshop and office accessories as well as office filing. The metal garage storage cupboards EVOline range are specifically designed with deeper depth worktops for residential garages. If you have a small or narrow garage, then we recommend our Sealey garage storage cupboards as they are designed for the smaller layout. If you are currently using plastic garage storage cupboards or boxes, then these cabinets will make a vast difference with their toughness and reliability.

Browse the gallery showcasing some of our customers’ garage storage cupboards. You can also read our reviews here of Garage Pride’s garage storage cupboards testimonial.


Garage Furniture

Garage furniture is ideal for DIY workshops and residential garages. The best garage furniture is available here from Garage Pride, the UK’s leading garage furniture company. If your garage is untidy, cluttered or generally hard to work or find things in quickly and efficiently, we recommend browsing our range of garage furniture for sale.

Over the years, garages have no longer become primarily storage for cars, but a combination of car storage, garage storage areas and workshops. Our cool garage furniture range encompasses great versatile DIY garage furniture ranges. The Bott Cubio garage furniture takes the lead in providing the best and highest quality custom garage furniture available today. 

The Phoenix Cupboard which is a staggering 1900cm in height provides exceptional floor to high ceiling garage furniture storage. There is also an upgrade available for an electronic lock option consisting of a programmable 4 digit code. The Phoenix garage furniture is not a match for cheap garage furniture but is a great addition to your garage if you have ever considered garage furniture chairs or even a garage furniture couch. 

From the comfort of your phone, tablet or home computer, browse our garage furniture store and if you are still struggling to imagine what garage furniture could fit into your garage or workshop, get in touch today for your free 3D CAD technical diagrams with before and after photos. No commitment is required but if you are looking for a garage furniture sale, get in touch here!

Browse the gallery showcasing some of our customers’ garage furniture. You can also read our reviews here of Garage Pride’s garage furniture testimonials.


Garage Wardrobe

Garage wardrobe storage is essential in the modern garage to provide adequate working space and organisation. Attractive modern frameless steel industrial Phoenix cupboards from Garage Pride pave the way in modern versatile and very affordable long lasting garage wardrobe storage.

Floor to ceiling garage wardrobes as well as lower cupboards are highly attractive specialised garage cupboards and cabinets designed to offer you anything from clothing and equipment storage, protective headwear, eyewear and glove wear in your garage wardrobe.

Essential garage wardrobe storage is ideal for any DIY job or task meaning any soiled, oily, greasy or dirty overhauls stay out of sight and within their own environment ready for next time. A garage wardrobe closet is economically priced and ergonomically designed for storage of motorcycle gear, workshop clothing or any form of clothing and footwear you would rather isolate to the garage.

Our very popular steel garage wardrobe cabinet is great with a hanging rail and its single galvanised steel shelf, super easy to maintain and keep clean with its anti-bacterial powder coating. Garage Pride also offer a smaller garage wardrobe storage cabinet such as the steel cupboard for home and office, a simple but strong cabinet complete with locking key.

Browse the gallery showcasing some of our customers’ garage wardrobe. You can also read our reviews here of Garage Pride’s garage wardrobe testimonials.


Garage Storage Cupboard With Doors

Garage storage cupboard with doors provides protection from dust and dirt as well as odour, moths, flies and any airborne moisture. Clothes, footwear, eyewear all can be protected with Garage Pride’s best range of garage storage cupboard with doors

If you are considering garage storage cupboards UK and nationwide, browse our steel cabinet range for your clothing and equipment, perfect for equestrian storage, outdoor shoes, motorcycle clothing, boiler suits, walking shoes or wellington boots. 

For garage storage cupboards with doors, or even equestrian storage complete with waste bin, paper towel holder and overhead storage, we recommend our Sealey Corner Solution Cabinet Superline Pro range. This will stand the test of time and comes ready for use.

Heavy duty garage storage also comes in the most premium form with our Bott Cubio garage and workshop systems. These best in line garage storage cupboards with doors are loaded with features, impeccable design tastes, colour and sizes. These industrial highly designed residential and commercial workshop units are the best garage storage cupboards UK hands down. If you are looking for a workshop design, or need some help and would like to take advantage of our free 3D CAD design service with no commitment, get in touch via our Garage Furniture UK contact form.

Browse the gallery showcasing some of our customers’ garage storage cupboard with doors. You can also read our reviews here of Garage Pride’s garage storage cupboard with doors testimonials.