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Metal Storage Cupboards - Garage

Metal Storage Cupboards

Metal storage cupboards from Garage Pride provide a secure and robust storage facility for a multitude of items in your office, garage or workshop. Our storage cupboards are solid construction with attractive frameless doors.

Read our metal storage cupboards testimonials to see great value these represent, and why cheap metal storage cupboards or cheap metal cupboards are too much of a compromise. Browse our metal storage cupboards gallery for inspiration.

The Phoenix metal storage cupboard with shelves comes with an extra upgrade to electronic locking mechanism with a 4 digit code. These tall metal storage cupboards are available in blue, light grey and a striking red colour. Whether it is a large metal storage cupboard or a simple metal office cupboard you are looking for, we have something all sizes and for all purposes.  

Our Sealey modular full height black metal storage cupboard has a single door. The rest of our workshop metal storage cupboards range consist of conventional 2 door metal storage cupboard opening mechanisms. Browse our 2 door metal storage cupboard Bott Cubio range here.

Industrial metal storage cupboards are popular in residential garages, workshops as well as office environments. Modular and customisable layouts of metal storage cupboards are available for bespoke corporate workshop projects through our design team where we can organise design, layout and installation. Get in touch and ask for your free 3D CAD interior design with no commitment needed. 

Looking to browse our range? Peruse our Bott Cubio lockable metal storage cupboard collection or Sealey heavy duty metal storage cupboards. If it is a small metal storage cupboard with lock or your budget is limited, and you are searching for cheap metal storage cupboards browse our range of standard metal storage cupboards starting from just £125.


Metal Cupboards For Garage

Metal cupboards for garage from Garage Pride come ready assembled, saving you time with self-assembly. Our lockable metal cupboards are originated from industrial product philosophy, so you can expect strong, exceptionally durable but attractive and design-engineered metal cupboards for garage.

The Phoenix lockable metal cupboard range from the Steel Cupboard 1830mm height large metal cupboard, the tall metal cupboard extending to a top height of 1900mm and the metal cabinet wardrobe. The range of metal cupboards for garage areas also extends to premium bespoke layout designed workshop or garage interiors. If you have a layout in mind, or a blank canvas to work with, use our expertise and experience to get your free 3D CAD visual technical diagrams showing you before and after photos. 

Garage Pride has the biggest range of galvanised metal cupboards for sale. As the UK’s leading supplier in the UK, all garage and workshop units feature metal cupboard doors and metal cupboard shelves, ideal for storing work clothing, boiler suits, outdoors and motorcycle gear. Other uses and requirements for our metal cupboards for garage have included storing lever arch files and various other office filing documentation for safe and lockable storage. Facility management staff and office or workshop maintenance teams are using Garage Pride’s metal filing cupboard range. 

Our popular large metal cupboard for larger workshop environments includes the Sealey Premier 5 Garage Cabinet set and Sealey Premier 9 Garage Cabinet Set. The large metal cupboard featured in these sets is 2110mm height making it a tall metal cupboard that can even be used as a metal cabinet wardrobe.

If you are looking to buy two or more metal cupboards for garage or fitting out a workshop interior, we can help you with a free 3D CAD visual technical diagram. There is no commitment needed and we can feature any of our lockable metal cupboard ranges in Bott Cubio, Sealey stainless steel floor cupboard range or Garage Pride range. Get in touch today!


Metal Storage Cupboards For Garage

Metal storage cupboards for garage interiors are ideal for storing away clothing, outdoor shoes, equestrian equipment or sports equipment. Popular customers' choices range from a steel cupboard for clothes to a metal tool cupboard for power tools and the safe storage of chemicals. 

Our steel cupboards for sale are available as standalone metal tool cupboard units, such as the Steel Cupboard 1830Hx1220Wx457D. Small metal cupboards also start from £180 for an entry level Bott Verso Wall Cupboard or Sealey Modular Wall Cabinet supplied with wall fixings. 

The flawless and fashionable addition to any residential garage or workshop is the steel storage cupboards from Sealey and their Retro tool chest range. These are so versatile in a big workshop and for each worker, or team of people in a corporate workshop environment, these tool trolleys are in essence a mobile metal utility cupboard, and a really handy metal cupboard on wheels!

Garage Pride EVOline metal storage cupboards for garage all have lockable cupboard metal doors for security and optimum organisation. Our corporate clients also use these metal storage cupboards for garage use in their busy workshops and offices as they provide the best metal office storage cupboard available, look stylish and last for years!

Looking for a large 1830mm height specific width or price point for your next steel cupboard for clothes? Our 1220mm width steel cupboard for clothes is the largest with half width hanging space and additional storage shelving. The full width slimmer 915mm width steel cupboard for clothes with additional top storage is also great for wardrobe and shelf organisation. Another alternative is our 915mm width steel cupboard for clothes with additional side and top storage. It is our slimmest rigid cupboard for clothing and accessories.


Metal Workshop Cupboard

Metal workshop cupboard areas in your garage or workshop are the best solution for modern metal tool cupboard storage. Garage Pride is the UK’s leading garage interior design company responsible for the complete transformation of a cluttered old garage to a modern car showroom style finish.

Looking to fit out your garage with a black metal cupboard or a stylish metal wall cupboard range? Then browse our recommended Sealey Superline Pro with Sealey modular storage and incredible Sealey garage storage options. These cabinet arrangements are assembled and ready to be fitted into place in your next garage or workshop project. You will not be disappointed with this black metal cupboard range.

The metal wall cupboard from Sealey with wall fittings or ready to be used with back panel and upright connectors is a popular addition to increasing your metal workshop cupboard space.

Looking for a metal shoe cupboard? Garage Pride’s range of steel clothing and equipment cupboards have a good metal shoe cupboard range to choose from depending on your clothing cupboard needs.

The Phoenix cupboard with optional electronic lock option is a great small metal cupboard or steel office cupboard that can easily be used for the secure storage of lever arch file paperwork and office documents. Get in touch with us today if you still need some interior design help. Our team of garage interior designers can advise with your implementation and design brief, get in touch here. We can also help you shortlist any industrial metal cupboard storage requirements such as the addition of a metal stationery cupboard or metal tool cupboard storage areas.