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Garage Cupboards for Garage

Garage Cupboards

Garage cupboards are essential to an organised and attractive space in your garage. Garage Pride provide substantial floor to ceiling height garage cupboards complete with shelving, extra shelving options and lockable doors. There is also an electronic upgrade available for our garage cupboards range.

Garage Pride’s range of garage cupboards for sale includes the Bott Cubio range, Sealey Garage and Workshop System and of course the Garage Pride EVOline cabinets. Customers looking for cheap garage cupboards often come to us for our free 3D CAD technical proposal with before and after photos. The journey of a garage makeover for some customers can be a series of purchases starting with cheap garage cupboards, or even a new garage floor to form the foundations of a superb garage upgrade. Check out Garage Pride’s EVOtile garage tiled floor.

If your garage currently has wooden garage cupboards or old donor kitchen cupboards, you may be looking to upgrade these to wall mounted garage cupboards from Garage Pride. Our range of garage cupboards are fully welded construction, and some tall cabinets needing easy self-assembly. For overhead garage cupboards, our units have gas struts on wall cabinets for ease of opening.

Our range of garage cupboard doors have concealed snap-close magnets on doors. The products with precision ball bearing drawer slides make the perfect upgrade from plastic garage cupboards or garage plastic storage boxes.

Browse the gallery showcasing some of our customers’ garage cupboards. You can also read our reviews here of Garage Pride’s garage cupboards testimonial.


Cupboards For Garage

Cupboards for garage workshops are a must if you have any kind of workbench, storage, workshop tools or garage accessories. Garage cupboards with sliding doors are particularly useful either wall fitted or secured with backstraps on top of our garage floor cabinets. 

If your garage is just a place for your motor vehicles, bikes, cars and you don’t particularly need cupboards just yet, or are thinking about future cupboards for garage consider the awesome upgrade of a tiled garage floor. Our Garage Pride EVOtile PVC virgin tile makes a superb transformation and is a recommended upgrade if you are considering your next set of cupboards for garage.

Our tambour front Sealey cupboards for garage are perfect for the garage as they provide ample flexible storage with no swinging open doors. The roller shutter doors when opening don’t infringe on the contents stacked within the garage cupboards. You have full use of the interior of the cupboard for garage. All our cupboards for garage come with easy installation or wall hanging optional mounting above cupboards.

Our premium offerings consist of multiple cabinet arrangements, one complete and popular set of cupboards for garage is the Bott Cubio 7 Cabinet Arrangement. These Bott Cubio cabinets are the ideal upgrade from old white garage cupboards to bright aesthetic steel garage cupboards. 

Garage cupboards and shelving for home or business, garage or workshop all have an industrial high shelf load capacity with multiple colours available on selected products. Browse the gallery showcasing some of our customers’ cupboards for garage. You can also read our testimonials here of Garage Pride’s cupboards for garage reviews.


Garage Wall Cupboards

Garage wall cupboards from the UK’s leading supplier Garage Pride have the best range of high quality garage cabinets and storage cupboards. With the best capabilities of garage interior design, our garage wall cupboards are available to buy as separate units, or large modular cabinet arrangements comprising 5 to 15 garage wall cupboards and overhead storage areas.

All our garage cupboards can be reconfigured in just about any shape or size according to your layout and space design requirements. Get in touch with our garage interior design team for your free architectural technical proposal featuring before and after photos with a customisation of your choice of garage wall cupboards. 

Our Garage Pride EVOline cabinet range are tough hard-wearing worktops complete with adjustable levelling feet. These garage wall cupboards have a 10 year guarantee and are available with overhead storage units and solid workbench or worktop surfaces. Perhaps you are looking to upgrade your plastic garage cupboards and plastic storage boxes with state of the art steel garage cupboards. 

The range of large garage cupboard from Garage Pride include the Phoenix Cupboard Shallow depth an impressive 1900cm height with four steel shelves and lockable secured door, electronic locking as an optional extra. Upgrade your cheap garage cupboards and browse our garage cupboards for sale.

A tool cupboard for garage environments is also available in shorter lower cost options such as the steel riveted home and office cupboard - a great compact size variation of our garage wall cupboards range.

Browse the gallery showcasing some of our customers’ garage wall cupboards. You can also read our reviews here of Garage Pride’s garage wall cupboards testimonial


Garage Cupboards UK

Garage cupboards UK and nationwide are available from Garage Pride. We offer a great addition to give your home garage the best makeover with our superb range of garage cupboards.

If you currently have plastic garage cupboards and are looking for new garage cupboards for sale, browse our Bott Cubio cupboards, Sealey cupboards and Garage Pride range of garage shelving cupboards.

If your workshop or garage is full of storage, boxed up tools and accessories, then consider adding some garage interior design elements to improve your work area. We offer wall mounted garage cupboards as well as garage cupboards and shelving. If you are upgrading conventional white garage cupboards or wooden garage cupboards and you can’t find something you need then get in touch.

Browse the gallery showcasing some of our customers’ garage cupboards UK. You can also read our reviews here of Garage Pride’s garage cupboards UK testimonial.

For a free 3D CAD technical proposal from our interior garage design team, get in touch today. We can provide before and after photos as well as garage cupboards UK technical layouts, with no commitment needed!