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Garage Storage Units - Drawers

Garage Storage Units

Garage storage units from Garage Pride set the new standard for modern interior designed garages with ready assembled, fully welded construction and superb finish garage storage units. Browse our full range of Bott Cubio steel garage units, Bott Verso garage cupboards, Sealey and EVOline garage storage units.

All our metal garage storage units are visually aesthetic with frameless interiors with optional hanging and shelf storage. 

Garage Pride’s metal garage storage units range from the popular Bott Verso cupboard to the Sealey Premier and Sealey modular range. Sealey garage storage has a black, hard wearing powder coat finish. With its stylish and strong ball bearing drawer slides, its one of the best garage storage units on the market today. These subtle and perfectly functional Sealey garage cabinets have gas strut lift for overhead cupboard storage. Sealey Premier’s magnetic door closure is featured on Sealey garage units giving a sense of ease and satisfaction with every DIY job. Take a look at our popular and recommended Sealey garage storage units.

Garage Pride is nationwide if you are looking for garage storage units near me, contact us today for your free 3D CAD visual technical proposal, or to enquire about installation options. We stock all types of garage storage units with doors as well as modular garage storage units.

For conventional garage storage units for sale such as the Phoenix Cupboard 1900mm height or shallow depth Phoenix Cupboard DIY garage storage units browse our full range here. Corner garage units can be a great storage solution when space is compromised already on the floor. Find a selection of overhead garage storage units or range of tall and large garage storage units.


Garage Units

Garage units from Garage Pride serve all kinds of storage and organisation needs in your workshop or garage. As the UK’s leading stockist of Sealey garage storage and fitted garage units, we stock the Sealey Premier, Sealey modular and Sealey Superline Pro Modular garage units.

Looking for fitted garage units? Our Bott Cubio free-standing fitted garage units with overhead cabinet arrives pre-assembled with built-in back panels and worktops. These Bott Cubio metal garage units also have rear fixings ready for vertical backstrap kits with an impressive 75kg uniform distributed load (UDL) across the drawers. Garage Pride’s Bott Verso and Bott Verso cupboard range are available in blue, red, light grey and dark grey.

If you have any existing Sealey garage units and looking for additional Sealey garage storage or Sealey modular storage browse our Sealey garage cabinets. We can provide a free 3D CAD design proposal to showcase your garage or workshop featuring Sealey garage cabinets and Sealey workshop storage stylish solutions. 


Garage Storage Drawers

Garage storage drawers - have you reviewed your recent garage storage requirements? Do you have an old wooden tool chest with pull out drawers difficult to open because of friction or worse still gets overloaded and becomes unusable? We have the right garage storage drawers for you here at Garage Pride!

The best garage storage drawers are modular integrated metal drawers from Sealey, Bott and EVOline. Starting with the Bott Cubio free-standing drawer cabinet assembly range which consists of Bott drawer cabinets and Bott storage cupboards. There are the Bott Cubio drawers of 525mm width,  Bott drawer 650mm width or Bott drawer 800mm wide units. 

The garage storage drawers from Bott Cubio are superbly designed with the option to integrate and feature the back panel option to allow for the overhead cabinet. This makes the entire garage storage drawers assembly with the overhead Bott storage cupboards a huge success as a completely free-standing item. The entire unit is capable of 1 tonne uniform distributed load. Each Bott drawer has a 75kg uniform distributed load capacity.

The Bott Verso has a mixture of wall cupboards and shelf cabinets of various sizes. Review the Bott Verso combination of drawer and shelf cabinets. Garage Pride also stock the Bott Verso 525mm, Bott Verso 800mm and the high 2000mm Bott Verso wall cupboard with 4 multiple Bott configurations. 

Request your free 3D CAD technical garage interior design proposal featuring a variety of Garage Pride’s Bott Verso cupboard and Bott Verso cabinet ranges by getting in touch with the garage interior design team here.


Garage Storage Metal

Garage Storage Metal cupboards from Sealey are great quality storage solutions for your garden tools, garage accessories, sports equipment and garage storage requirements. 

Sealey garage storage starts from smart and stylish single door full height cabinets such as the Sealey Modular. This comes with four fully adjustable shelves and a 3 point-locking mechanism providing fitted and flush security for your garage storage enclosure.

Sealey modular storage includes a great array of steel cabinet products from the Sealey Premier range, Sealey Modular range and the all-encompassing Sealey Superline Pro Modular cabinet assortment range for larger residential garages or workshops. 

Depending on your budget, you may be looking for a top of the range Bott Cubio 7 Cabinet arrangement consisting of high quality garage storage metal units, you may be looking for modular storage and if you are considering cheap garage storage units, we recommend you browse our general steel storage cupboards collection. Here you can find the right size, function and colour of any garage storage metal unit that fits your requirements.

Browse our garage storage drawers metal dividers and our garage storage drawers plastic dividers for our Bott garage storage metal cupboard and drawer units.