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PVC Garage Floor Tiles UK

PVC Garage Floor Tiles

PVC garage floor tiles from Garage Pride provide an alluring and charming long-lasting floor transformation for the garage or workshop. Our PVC garage floor tiles are tough, durable and provide a firm and insulated long lasting garage surface.

Looking for the best PVC garage floor tiles? Look no further than the EVOtile Performance PVC garage tile with a 10 year guarantee and the EVOtile Professional garage tile which comes with a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Our PVC garage flooring delivers our customers that garage transformation they have been looking for. 

Our PVC virgin tiles will arrive and can be tapped together easily with a rubber mallet effortlessly. Buy our PVC garage floor tiles fitting kit here. The EVOtile is large in size, and you will get exactly 4 tiles per square metre when you start laying and connecting your interlocking floor tiles.

The best feature of PVC garage flooring is no adhesives or glues are required to lay it, you can even take it with you if you move home or upgrade to a larger commercial workshop. Easy to keep clean, Garage Pride’s PVC garage flooring is an asset to the contents of your garage, whether it is parking your pride and joy car or motorcycle or creating an inspiring workshop environment.

How to calculate floor tiles quantity? That is very straight forward and easy with the Garage Pride Tile Quantity Calculator. If you are working towards a budget, you can work out quite quickly how to calculate tiles quantity on each of the PVC garage floor tiles you have shortlisted or added to cart on Garage Pride, or feel free to give us a call to help you. 

If you have a budget, there are options for you. The industrial grade EVOtile Performance is the leader in the field, there is a more affordable EVOtile Professional tile available. We do advise when looking for PVC garage floor tiles cheap alternatives, there will be significant manufacturing shortcuts and quality control with partially filled floor tiles, liable to crack and deteriorate over time. 

For the best PVC garage floor tiles with a free 3D CAD technical proposal for your exact garage or workshop layout, get in touch today.

We are the UK’s leading garage interior design company with years of experience and projects. Browse the colours and textures in our EVOtile Professional flexible PVC garage floor tiles that is available with a smooth texture finish or a raised disk texture finish and a 15 year guarantee. Alternatively consider the more affordable EVOtile Performance flexible PVC garage floor tiles that will transform the look and feel of your garage workshop today!


PVC Garage Floor Tiles UK

PVC garage floor tiles UK and nationwide are available from Garage Pride. For a free 3D CAD interior design proposal featuring a set of PVC garage floor tiles UK delivered, add to your shopping cart or get in touch with us today. 

EVOtile professional tile ramps are a precision designed ramp upwards to the 7mm EVOtile garage floor tiles and provide a ramp upwards and downwards to the ground surface. This is an attractive finish to your PVC garage floor tiles, but more importantly allows for motor vehicles, motorbikes and lawnmowers to go into the garage effortlessly and helps preserve any unlikely abrasion on either the tiles or tyres of a vehicle.

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PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

PVC interlocking floor tiles from Garage Pride are the ideal PVC tile for that garage gym, garage workshop or garden outbuilding floor. Simple and easy to fit these versatile and long-lasting virgin PVC tiles will give your space the makeover you have been dreaming about! 

Garage Pride’s PVC interlocking floor tiles price is very easily calculated using the Garage Pride Tile Quantity Calculator. Choose from the EVOtile Professional or the EVOtile Performance range and we will deliver your PVC interlocking floor tiles UK and nationwide.

Our Garage Pride corporate clients can be anything from car wrapping, window tinting, car detailing, motorhome specialists, caravan and trailer tent workshops as well as bicycle repair shops, outdoor retail outlets and parts stores. What ever your requirement is to upgrade your flooring surface, searching for the right PVC interlocking floor tiles for sale, our Garage Interior Design team can assist talking through all the different variations and versions of the Garage Pride EVOtile, PVC interlocking floor tiles and ramps for your next floor tiling project.

We have two leading brands here at Garage Pride: the EVOtile Professional range of PVC interlocking floor tiles for garage and residential workshops. For customers looking for the best quality and suitable interlocking floor tiles with a designated budget, the consideration to a PVC interlocking floor tiles price is thought provoking, as we offer the best tile versus cost, with our 10 year guarantee. 

For the more commercial and premium end of the market, we have the Garage Pride EVOtile Performance garage floor tile, where PVC interlocking floor tiles price is not restricted to a budget browse our larger range of PVC interlocking floor tiles for sale.

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PVC Flooring Tiles

PVC flooring tiles not only look good, but provide a strong surface for many years to come. Often the garage is the last room of the home where any thought is given to its appearance or function, take a look at our gallery of residential garage PVC flooring tiles and our corporate project workshops where the use of Garage Pride coloured PVC flooring tiles clearly marks out bays for storage tool trolleys and workshop areas.

PVC flooring tiles also add a layer of insulation to the workshop environment and provide a firm but softer walking surface if you are in the workshop all hours and on your feet.